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Hello Mommies!

I’m the author of the parenting humor book Mommies’ Priceless Moments. I am excited and honored by the positive response from parents, parents to be, and caretakers worldwide.

Here is what a few of you have said:

“All moms can relate to this funny and witty book packed with hilarious, and often time embarrassing stories. Us moms have stories to tell! This is a fun book full of true mom stories that had me laughing so hard I had tears streaming down my face. A very enjoyable read, that will have you reminiscing the funny mommy moments you’ve experienced.” Danielle Marie

“…make no mistake about it–this is not another one of those parenting books that provide `strict instructions’ on how to raise a human being. Instead, `Mommies Priceless Moments’ is a deeply entertaining way to get sort of reminded what other moms also “endure’…” Meghan

“Ah! This book is simply amazing. I’m not kidding that I started reading it tonight and I just cannot put it down.” Jess W.

“If you’re looking for a raw and real look at parenting mixed with the right amount of humor to stay entertaining from start to finish, then I highly suggest checking this book out.”

Again, thank you all for your support and positive response and a special thanks to everyone who submitted a short story. Without you Mommies’ Priceless Moments would not be possible.

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Warmest Thanks,

Amanda E. Johnson